Gorilla Permits Issued on Plastic Cards not Paper prints any more!

In August 2013,The Uganda Wildlife Authority started issuing Plastic Gorilla Permits to all new buyers.(Tour Operators or Individual Clients). The new plastic chipped Cards are filled in with the clients Bio-Data and Tour Agents information which are inserted into a reader machine in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park on the tracking day displaying all the information saved earlier on.

A Plastic Gorilla Permit Card.

A New plastic Gorilla Permit Card.

Under this new system,Clients or Tour Agents can no-longer buy a Gorilla Permit according to a Gorilla group/family but rather buy according to the Gorilla tracking sections in Bwindi.Example:

  • Buhoma Section.
  • Ruhija Section
  • Nkuringo Section
  • Nshongi Section

Under all these sections,there are more than 2,Gorilla Familys where visitors are grouped in the morning for the days adventure trekking.

Advantages of the new plastic card system.

  • It enables couples wanting to track together make it.
  • Elderly or disabled people can choose to track a less tiresome Gorilla Family in the morning before tracking.
  • Able bodied and energetic trekkers can decide in the Morning to trek and hike through the hills for long hrs before they can find the Gorillas.


  • You need to remind your guide or wake up quite early on the tracking day to request for a Gorilla family you want.
  • You need to be careful with the card not to place it near a magnet as the chip might fail to read on the tracking day thus causing a delay or even missing Gorilla tracking.