Best day tours and activities from Kampala

The best day tours and activities from Kampala discovers you to The Pearl of Africa. Uganda as best described by the former British Premier Sir Winston Church hill, has welcoming people, great beautiful scenery in the country, thick green vegetation, wonderful weather all through out the year, good nutritional foods in all places in the country, abundant flora and fauna every where and great security for all its people and visitors.

When you arrive in Kampala, you will find almost 99% of all people willing to support you and willing to show you direction for that particular place or hotel that you are looking for. This help actually starts from all entry points to Uganda. Whether you come in through road or by air, you will always find help.

Transportation means

There are lots of options for transport in and around Kampala: there are 14 seater mini buses, 65 seater long route buses, special taxis, Boda Bodas. Remember when you go out side Kampala, you have to accept being packed more passenger than the usual registered number mainly due to lack of transport or not having enough cars to move passengers around hence taking almost every one found on the road.

Food and Coffee points

There are a number of restaurants in and around Kampala, these will range from those selling Ugandan Local cuisine to those selling western kind of food. Below are some of the restaurants in Kampala:

  • Nandos
  • Le Chateau Restaurants
  • Khana Khazana
  • Mediterraneo
  • Cafe Javas and many more, you will definitely not fail to get some food or coffee in Kampala

Best Day tours and activities from Kampala (Short tours).

Rhino tracking at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Rhino tracking uganda - Best Day tours and activities from Kampala

                                     A Rhino at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

This great adventure experience is about 177 kilo metres from Kampala City. The drive to the rhino sanctuary is very smooth with an up-graded new tarmac road. It will only take you about 2 hours & 30 minutes to reach the Rhino Sanctuary. This can be done in 1 day by all those especially with limited time and the tracking is done on foot with a guided ranger for 1 hour.

Chimpanzee Tracking Experience

The Chimpanzee tracking experience is done in Murchison falls National Park in Budongo forest which is about 247kms from Kampala. You would need a full day for this activity, the tracking experience takes at least 2 hours and is done with the help of experienced ranger guides. You have to wake up by 5:00 am to start the journey. You can make it back to Kampala by 6:00pm or 7:00pm late in the afternoon. This can however be done in 2 days.

Chimpanzee experience at the Ngamba Island Sanctuary

A chimp at the Island - Best Day tours and activities from Kampala

                                      A chimp at the Ngamba Island during the feeding session

The Chimpanzee trips in Uganda is another great experience with a combination of a tour on Lake Victoria.The chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda is located about 45 kilometres from Kampala. There is driving and a boat cruise on Lake Victoria to reach the Island, for this excursion, you don’t have to walk for hours to see the chimps, but you simply turn or twist your head and see the chimps at your back in the thick forest on the Island.

You have the chance to feed these chimpanzees for up to 2 times a day. Also have a chance of seeing Monitor lizards and 100s of birds singing. There is a provision of spending a night on the Island.

Gorillas and Wildlife Safari

You will need at least 2 days for a Wildlife safari in the Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park or Lake Mburo National Park and at least 3 days for a Gorilla Safari in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Murchison Falls national Park. The Park is found in the North Western Part of Uganda and is about 309 kilometres from Kampala, it would take you about 5 to 6 hours to get there. The Park has many wildlife species like lions, elephants, hippos, waterbucks, Oribis, leopards, black and white colobous monkeys, patas monkeys, warthogs, Jackson heart beasts, Uganda kobs, giraffes, Nile crocodiles, baboons, spotted hyenas, Buffaloes and many more.

The great boat cruise and water falls cannot be missed on the Nile River. A “Murchison falls tour” is recommended.

Lake Mburo National Park tour.

Zebras in Lake Mburo National Park - Best Day tours and activities from Kampala

           Zebras in Lake Mburo National Park

Only 250 kilometres found in the south west of Kampala is one of the smallest parks we have in Uganda. It would take you at least 5 hours to reach the park. The most common animals seen there are the Zebras and Elands, it also has the Impalas, Topis, Waterbucks, Buffaloes, leopards, spotted hyenas and many more. For a better experience, a 2 days tour is recommended.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tree lioness of Ishasha Plains - Best Day tours and activities from Kampala

Tree lioness of Ishasha Plains.

Is 380 kilometres from Kampala through the Masaka – Mbarara Highway. The Equator line near Masaka cannot be missed. You will see lions, hippos, Uganda kobs, Elephants and the tree climbing lions in Ishasha cannot be missed. Book your 36km long boat ride on the Kazinga Channel – Lake George & Edward in time so that you don’t miss the great fauna along the lakes and giant crocodiles. A Tree climbing lions safari to cover the southern part for the tree lions is recommended.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Gorillas in Bwindi - Best Day tours and activities from Kampala

Gorillas in Bwindi Forest National Park

Located 540 kilometres south west of Uganda bordering Congo & Rwanda, you will get to the Mountain Gorilla trekking forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The journey will take you about 10-11 hours. The main activity is Gorilla tracking. You will need 2 days of travel to and from and 1 day of tracking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi.