Kasese Clashes-No worries to Tourists!

What has really caused violence in Kasese, can’t drop tourism in the area?”Is it tribal clashes or the recent political election violence”

A look at how the events unfolded, weeks back before the kasese conflicts the same violence had erupted in bundibugyo, one of the districts in the Rwenzori region, it is also a district with both the Bamba and Bakonzo taking the majority population. However, other critics attributed it to the tribal fights with root of the 2015 clashes in the same region but this doesn’t seem to be the reality. ‘’ The speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga in her view she said that whatever is happening in Bundibugyo and Kasese are fruits of a political masterminded conflict of high class which is intended to dis-credit certain individuals & institutions,and it is taking advantage of the difference in tribal nature of the locals. Some philosophers are the ones who can see this. It baffles me to think how a rebel group or militia can exist and succeed in Uganda with all the intelligence we have, this calls for an investigation on the intelligence authority, which some people won’t bother about. Why have they ignored the call for an independent impartial investigation committee? “Someone” could be found guilty? But after all,i advocate for love of one another which will produce a great fruit of peace that can not be compromised. Peace!’’

The truth of the matter and the engine to the spark has been vote malpractice and a segment of power hungry politicians especially those formally aligned to the ruling government who opted to stand as independents and lost. But now politicians and the media all are sowing seeds of hatred, claiming that the Bakonzo and their kingdom authorities are behind everything.
The world should know the people of Kasese have lived more than 50 years with mixed tribes in harmony and peace. Let there be no more worries that this might scare tourists to come and visit the area’s re-known tourism ambiance and glance. Kasese boarders with Queen Elizabeth National Park,Rwenzori Mountain National Park and also overlooks Kibale National Park,Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Semliki National Park. The region and the country at large is safe the people are still friendly and welcoming.

By the beginning of this week President Museveni paid a visit to the region and from the Sate lodge in fort-portal,vowed to his top security officials that there will be no one who will disturb the freedom in the region. He promised that all this will come to an end amidst of heavy police and UPDF deployment in both Kasese and Bundibugyo districts.

Credit:Nicholas Ssewanyana.