Nyungwe National Park is a home to different species of both animals and birds. This type is the biggest in east Africa stretching to other forests nearby. The canopy walk is the most exciting part whenever one visits the park. Measuring above 40 meters above the land level and 90 meters long above a deep and steep valley, the national park canopy gives tourists visiting the centre a rare experience. The entry to the park meets one with a very scary feeling of a thick habitat housing thousands of wild variety. The canopy walk is raised at a very advantageous position high enough to get the capture of animals with ease. The canopy stretches a length of 200m raised with three strong and long towers. This type of design is the only in East Africa and was completed around 2010, placing the park among the most visited place around the region.

Natural Environment

When you imagine how human activities have destroyed environment around the world. Visiting the park introduces another sense of belonging, with fresh air, indigenous trees, and green huge looking cover rarely you’ll ever find elsewhere. As you walk along the canopy, less human activity is evident with the thickness vegetation completely covering the whole region. Once around, the temperature automatically changes and it is almost impossible to tell the time of the day, as the park is centred in tropical region, known for rain almost the better part of the year.

Birds and Animals

Nyungwe, is a residence to over 300 bird species, and 26 which are prevalent. It is the best yet not fully discovered to be great for bird watching in the continent. Canopy walk provides clients with a lovely unusual opportunity to rub with the nature, taking photos of different kinds of birds as memento to remember back home. Another exciting thing in the park is watching the famous Africa chimpanzee, which create fright once you come face to face. The park is better visited as a group or from two people in order to enjoy and encourage each other when fear is stirred.


Since the commencing of the canopy, tourists have increased in the park in contrast to the past. Additional experience has been added in enjoying the visit from a raised position which allows clients to access the view they could not get before. Tourist now gets a fascinating encounter of enjoying nature and wild animals, they could never see elsewhere.


The Nyungwe National Park can be accessed by road which takes about 4 to 5 hours’ drive. Alternatively, one can get to the park via Rwanda Air up to Kamembe airport, and then from there you take a drive approximately 40 minutes. Those who are afraid of the heights are advised to walk without facing on ground to be able to complete the walk. This is the best experience ever, where you will enjoy great walk, in the midst of tropical forest with different species. Therefore, for Australians willing to travel, getting Australian Visa is very easy. Application is available online, which again is not troublesome going through the filling process. Following successful application, you can proceed to Rwanda for nature experience at canopy walk.