Sezibwa falls,Uganda’s hidden treasure and Buganda’s remaining cultural site.

The Sezibwa falls found in Buikwe district is one of Buganda’s only remaining cultural site worth paying a visit. Muwambi Francis a guide at the cultural site tells me that Sezibwa is a twin river (wasswa) with the twin brother (kato) mubeya all originate from kawuna some times called kawomya in Buikwe-Ngogwe sub-county. Francis narrates that sezibwa’s mother was Nakangu tebatesa and the father was Nsubuga sebwato and after birth,wasswa found his way to the current sezibwa falls where he had been blocked but due to strong spiritual back grounds,he did penetrate the rocks at sezibwa.or sizibilwakubo literally meaning he who can never be blocked thus sezibwa falls name up to today.because of the 16th Century force from the water penetration by wasswa,the rocks were crashed and broken to pieces and they can still be seen today.

In 1884 when King Mwanga ascended to the throne,it was at at the falls that Kabaka Mwanga used to empower his subjects with special duties and name of new chiefs in his government.

The Kabaka also planted an Olive tree at the cultural site which still stands up to now and is worshiped by many people to get strength in their respective duties.The water at the falls also has some iron which many worshipers believe it cures many ilness and many will take it to their homes for blessings.

The wild olive tree planted by King Mwanga”wild olive tree-ficus morethia”

Many cultural believers flock to the site to light up some fires to appease the gods as to get some blessings and protection in their daily work. 

The Sezibwa falls finally pour its water in Lake Kyoga through kayunga joining lake Kwania and the Victoria Nile. A big forest sarrounds the falls with abundant flora and fauna like the Red tailed Monkeys,ground and tree squirrels,black and white colobus monkeys,porcupines, bush bucks,and many butterflies and many more.the forest has been preserved well and there is no tree cutting,a few broken tree branches are often picked by the local people to light up some fire for cooking. 

A good restaurant with cold drinks and light meals was built at the site for all visitors and any one on a picnic and all this is usually organized through an agreed arrival date and time.

The main activities at the site include Bird watching, Rock Climbing, and forest walk INQUIRE NOW FOR A TOUR.