Uganda safe, no Zika virus says Ministry of Health

There is no Zika virus infection or threat in Uganda,the Ministry of Health has said in an official statement. To date, there is no single record of Zika in Uganda.

“The Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public that the country is at no threat of the Zika virus that is now ravaging communities in South America. Surveillance reports across the country have indicated no risk of the virus,” says the Permanent Secretary in Uganda’s Ministry of Health,Dr. Asuman Lukwago.

Dr. Lukwago adds that there is no record of the virus in Uganda.

The Uganda Tourism Board reassures all citizens and visitors, that contrary to international press allegations, Uganda has no record of the Zika virus infection. Uganda is a safe destination for all travelers.

According to the Ministry of Health, the virus spreading through 21 countries in the Americas since May 2015, is a different species from the one once recorded in Uganda. Ugandan scientists and experts together with counterparts from the US and UK first isolated the Zika virus over 70 years ago. This was during a scientific research program on yellow fever.

To date, the US Centre for Disease Control is tracking countries and territories with the Zika virus ( The Ministry of Health reaffirms that the Uganda Virus Research Institute has testing facilities for Zika virus and there are no cases recorded locally.

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