Bakwate the mountain gorilla visits London

bakwate mountain gorilla

Bakwate is a silverback, one of the mountain gorillas in Uganda, he is in the Oruzogo habituated group that lives in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Sarah-Jane Mee hosted Tim Henshall a wildlife expert at the SkyNews studios in London together with a part-animatronic mimic of Bakwate. He was being controlled externally by a professional actor that has studied gorillas for months and now knows the behaviour of the gorillas. Thus looking real, just like Bakwate.

The purpose of the visit was to create awareness of the Mountain Gorillas. The everage number of Mountain Gorillas in the world is 900, 600 living in Uganda. Mountain Gorillas were once instinct until conservation started helping including the different organizations that reach out to help.

Bakwate’s family has had a baby boom in the last couple of months, meaning the conservation is breaking the extinction of Mountain Gorillas. Tim Henshall states that tourism has greatly helped conserve these beautiful creatures. This is in a way that, when tourists come to see the gorillas, the natives get employed and take care of the forests where the gorillas stay. Therefore the money used to pay for the Gorilla permits goes out to the community that helps conserve the environment of the gorillas.

The silverback was then taken to be shown at the Trafalgar square and then to the Destination show at Olympia, London until Sunday. To book a Mountain Gorilla tour in Uganda and Rwanda visit or (Click Here)