Types of Tourists in Uganda

A Tourist is a person who travels away from home more than a day, less than a year for different occasions like Business tour, leisure tour based on their needs and reasons for travelling.

Types of Tourists in Uganda

Uganda has different types Tourism activities which are organized on a daily basis in the country. Uganda Tourism Board is the main organization or board which is in charge of Tourism growth, economy and it’s under the ministry of Tourism.

Uganda Tourism Board is a private sector which joins Uganda as a Tourist destination and promotes Tourism products like landscape and wildlife, Uganda welcomes different visitors which are grouped as Tourists.

Types of Tourists in Uganda include

Cultural Tourists

These kinds of Tourists are interested in culture to learn about the behavior, culture art, dance. Culture festivals and norms, they prefer to witness the world heritage site of the country, in Uganda they are different cultures with different interests and norms for example the Buganda culture, Busoga culture, Banyankole culture, Karamojong culture.

Leisure Tourist

These Tourists are interested in relaxation refreshing their minds away from a tiresome day they prefer cruising, bird watching, beach relaxation, mountain hiking and these activities are all organized to meet the Tourist needs for example cruising at different water bodies like murchsion falls, kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth, mountain hiking at mountain Elgon and Rwenzori etc.

Religious Tourists

These kind of Tourists Travel with the main purpose of region for example Bahia temple is always visited since it was the first temple of Bahia religion in East Africa, Namugongo shrines this place is always visited and has a special day for pilgrims every 3rd June in every year who travel from different countries to remember the killing of Martyrs by Kabaka Mwanga for their faith, we have the Gaddafi Mosque this mosque is for Islamic region and it was built by a famous late president of Libya and one of the biggest mosques in East Africa and Uganda, Namirembe Cathedra commonly also known as saint Paul’s cathedral it’s one of the oldest cathedrals in Ugandan Anglican church etc.

Business Tourists

These Tourists engage in tourism activities well on different business trip they travel for business but add on different activities on their travel plan.

Educational Tourists

The Tourists travel to study, learn about a specific area, country or to add more qualification in different area of study for example students who travel away from home to study or learn in a specific field.

Volunteer Tourists

These Tourists travel to different local communities to gain more experience on their firsthand interest for example volunteers in orphanages, hospitals, wildlife education centers etc.

Youth Tourists

This is an independent trip of less than a year away from home or another country with desire to learn culture, get opportunities, benefit from formal and informal education to gain more experience in the area of education. These youths are aged 15-30 and can be able to take care of themselves in any way.

Medical Tourists

These are Tourists who live in one country but travel to another country to acquire medication or care with the aim of curing their medical problems.

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