Rhino tracking is done at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on the Kampala-Gulu Highway.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is the home to the White Rhinos located about 175km on the Kampala Gulu Highway at Nakitoma Town centre and are the only Wild Rhinos in Uganda.The civil un-rest in Uganda in the 1970's brought the Rhinos to extinction due to hunting,poaching,and increase in human population,the Rhino numbers decreased severely.it is said that the last Rhino in Uganda was seen in 1983.

Today the Rhino sanctuary has 10 Rhinos with 6-adults, 3-Juveniles, and 1-baby.The sanctuary received it's first 4-Rhinos from Kenya called Taleo,Bella,Moja and Kori.later on Nandi and Hassani from the USA joined the herd.Obama was the first calf born at the sanctuary in 2009 from the American Rhino Nandi and kenyan Taleo thus naming the Calf Obama.

The sanctuary lies on a 70sq km of land with a solar powered electrified fence which is 2-meter high with 14 strands and the total fence is 45km.The animals are magnificent and the opportunity to see them up close is truly one not to be missed!  The tracking excursion lasts on average between 1-2 hours.

How to get there.
Kampala-Luwero Gulu Highyway.

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