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Sipi Falls-Mountain Elgon


Sipi water falls is found in Eastern Uganda about 276km from the Capital Kampala in the district of Kapchorwa in the North East of Sironko and Mbale districts.sipi area comprises of 3-water falls that lie on the edge of Mountain Elgon and the kenyan boarder the area has got a cooler cooler climate all year round than most parts of the country.sipi falls offers a number of activities like the famous Sipi water falls visits,Rock climbing,Nature walk,coffee farming tours,caves visit and is a nice place to unwind, relax and literally chill out away from the hustle and bustle of uganda town.

Sipi River was named after the ‘Sep’, a plant indigenous to the banks of the River. Resembling a type of wild banana, Sep is a medicinal plant, the translucent green frond with a bolt of crimson rib is used for treating measles and fever.


The Sipi Falls area is commonly sarrounded by the sabiny people and a few Bagisu community who are famous for growing Arabic Coffee which is the main cash crop in the area.there are a quiet a few lodges that offer confortable accommodation around sipi like,Lacam Lodge,Sipi River Lodge,and Sipi Falls Resort.

On clear days from the view points,you will be able to see the karamoja plains,Bisna Lake in Kenya and a good view of all the 3-sipi water falls.

Safaris and tours to Sipi falls


4-days Sipi falls & Mt.Elgon Hike tour 2-days Jinja & Sipi falls tour

1-day sipi falls tour