East African Tourist Visa

East African tourist visa (Valid for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda). Travelling within three of the East African countries got simplified. From the hustle of buying a visa for each entry to the east African countries. The Republic of Uganda, Republic of Kenya and Republic of Rwanda worked together to make it easy for the tourists, whether by air, water or road transport the visa is acceptable. You do not have to worry about the [...Read more]

Animals of Uganda

Animals of Uganda – Uganda wildlife The wildlife of Uganda is composed of its flora and fauna. Uganda has 364 species of mammals and 1,062 species of birds. Each of Uganda’s national parks has its own unique combination of fauna, making it an interesting safari destination for large game viewing. Below are some of the unique animals in Uganda: Lions (Panthera leo), these are the largest member of the cat famil [...Read more]

Holiday destinations in Uganda

Best vacation places in Uganda or Uganda's Points of interest Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’ was widely considered Africa’s best safari holiday destination in the 1960’s, which is easy to believe as you travel to the heart of the rugged wilderness on the easy to navigate network of roads or, if you are pushed for time, taking advantage of the charter flights. African Adventure Travellers is hereby introducing to y [...Read more]

Leading tour operator companies in Uganda

List of leading tour operator companies in Uganda Uganda is being gifted with the best tourist destinations, historical customs, culture and certainly brimming with wildlife treasures including mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing, game drives, birding safaris, boat cruise, rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, fishing trips, hot-air balloon adventure, wildlife safaris, culture experiences, ci [...Read more]

Free Wifi on board

Access Free Wi-Fi or Internet on your safari We always look forward to improving your safari and making it a memorable experience for you. Now, you do not have to wait till you reach your hotel to use the internet. We have Wi-Fi on board, you can now live stream on your safari even on the country side, tell your story as fresh as it is. You don’t have to miss out on what is happening around the world as you will be able [...Read more]

The Niagara falls and Murchison Falls

The famous Niagara falls mark the border between Canada and the United States of America. In Canada they are found in the province of Ontario while on the United States side they are found in New York. The falls form the southern end of the Niagara gorge. Just like the Murchison falls of Uganda, the Niagara falls are located in national parks, on the Canadian side of the falls is Queen Victoria park while on the United State [...Read more]

Top Places to see gorillas in Africa / Gorilla Destinations

Africa is renowned for its incredible wildlife, and one of the most sought-after experiences is trekking gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorilla trekking is a rare opportunity to encounter these magnificent creatures up close while contributing to their protection and the local communities. Top Places to see gorillas in Africa (Where to see gorillas in Africa?) Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda: Located in south [...Read more]

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