2 Days Murchison Falls safari tour - Best wildlife safari Uganda with a special boat cruise

Discover the splendor of Uganda with our 2 days Murchison Falls safari tour Package. Experience an unforgettable adventure with wildlife safaris, a breathtaking boat cruise to the base of Murchison Falls and the chance to see Africa's Big Five.

With this 2 Days Murchison falls safari package, you will also embark on adventurous game drives through the park and a visit to the top of the mighty Falls. Further, the 2 day safari trip to Murchison Falls National Park spots you to a number of animal speceis like the Jackson's heart beasts, oribis, Rothschild giraffes, lions, buffaloes, kobs, warthogs, elephants, leopards, hyenas, hippos, patas monkeys, baboons, waterbucks and many more wildlife.

2 Days Murchison Falls safari, wildlife viewing tour, hiking top of the falls - Murchison Falls National Park

View of the Top of the Falls (Murchison Falls).

2 Days Murchison Falls tour

2 Days, 1 Night safari

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Hotel pickup - Your also returned to your hotel.

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In Pictures:
Game drives / Game Viewing 2 Days Murchison falls safari - Murchison Falls National Park
Game drives / Game Viewing
Hiking top of the Falls 2 Days Murchison falls safari - Murchison Falls National Park
Hiking top of the Falls
Boat ride on the Victoria Nile 2 Days Murchison falls safari - Murchison Falls National Park
Boat ride on the Victoria Nile

You will have a boat ride on the River Nile to view animals like buffaloes, elephants with black and white colobous monkeys which are common on the tree branches along the Nile river bank. Also are the crocodiles sun bathing on the rocks below the bottom of the falls. Separated into by the world's longest river (the Nile), and named after the iconic Murchison Falls. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda's largest game park. This park spans vast sprawling savanna grasslands concentrated with a diversity of both animals and bird species.

With the 2 days Murchison falls safari tour, you will hike,descend or visit the top of the breath-taking Murchison Falls and then do an afternoon launch cruise on the Nile River. The Nile River is a home to several water animals and pulls lots of animals to drink, refresh and cool off the scorching heat. You start the safari with an early morning game drive for a great chance of beautiful wildlife spotting.

Things to do on a 2 days Murchison falls safari

  • Walking up to the top of the upper Murchison falls
  • Scenic view from the escarpment overlooking the park
  • A 3 hours launch cruise on the Nile River on day 1
  • A 1hr evening game drive on day 1
  • A 4.5 hours game-drive on day 2

Programme for the 2 days Murchison falls safari

Day 1: Travel to Murchison Falls Park, Hike to the Murchison Falls and a Launch Cruise on the Nile River

Game drive experience in the Murchison Falls national parkOur driver guide picks you up from your hotel/ Express View Inn / residence or any place of convenience at 6:00 am. Get a quick briefing about the tour and embark on your 2 days Murchison falls. The drive should take us atleast 6 hours’ of drive time tothe Murchison Falls National Park.

In Luwero District, your guide shall point out the historical implication this place has on Uganda. We could make a stopover to pick some fruits like the pineapples, jackfruits, passion fruits to mention but a few, then continue with our journey through Nakasongola town, Masindi town and finally enter the park through the Kichumbanyobo gate. We have ushers at the gate and these are the baboons lining up on the side of Budongo forest.

These baboons grapple about in anticipation as some shy away into the thick Budongo Forest. This is the start of some great picture moments, then continue the drive as you savour the beautiful grassy landscape to the start of the hike to the top of the Murchison Falls.

At the top you are treated to the breath taking sight of the falls. About 300 - 400 cubic meters per second of Nile waters force through a tiny gorge of about 7 meters to plunge into a violent tempest about 42 meters below. It is such a beautiful sight and incredible picture moments are enjoyed here.

We have our lunch at the Red chilli, Paraa lodge or at our lodge South of the Nile. Afterwards, we proceed to catch the 2:00pm launch cruise on the Nile River (Victoria Nile). This relaxing ride of about 3 hours, treats you to such beautiful and a variety of wildlife sightings. There are also lots of water animals like the hippos and Nile crocodiles, lots of other animals come to the river to drink water, cool off the scorching heat and for others to feed on the fresh grass along the river banks.

Expect spotting of elephants, buffaloes, many antelopes and a cocktail of bird species including among others kingfisher, herons, and fish eagles. The ride also takes you to the base of the Murchison Falls National Park for yet another angle to savour these beautiful falls. Later at about 5:30 pm, drive to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Accommodations to choose from, for your day 1:

Meal Plan: Full Board (lunch and dinner)
Travel time: 6 hours’ drive (Kampala to Murchison)

2 Days Murchison Falls Safari Tour Experience

Day 2 - Early Morning Game Drive and later travel back to Kampala

After your early morning breakfast at about 6:00am, our driver picks you up and along with a game ranger ready for a game drive by 7:00am. Early morning is a great time to catch the early risers, nocturnal and the hunters before returning to their hideouts.

The Nile River bisects the park into the northern and southern sections. The northern side has a higher concentration of game than the southern side. If your accommodation is on the southern side you will drive to the ferry crossing to get to the northern side. You explore the major game trails especially around Paraa and expect great and beautiful wildlife spotting including giraffes, lions, elephants, spotted hyenas, warthogs, Uganda kobs, Jackson's Hartebeests, waterbucks, leopards and among others.

At about 11:00am you return to the hotel and check out, then drive to Masindi town for lunch at Masindi Hotel/Court View Hotel or the Kabalega dinners on the Kampala-Gulu high way. Drive back to Kampala/Entebbe Airport for a drop off.
Meal Plan: Full Board (breakfast and lunch)
Travel time: 6 hours’ drive (Murchison to Kampala)


Start Planning Your Trip Now

Your 2 day safari destination from Kampala

What is included in your 2 days Murchison falls safari.

  • 4 by 4 open roof safari vehicle.
  • English Speaking driver/guide.
  • Entry permits and ferry crossing fees.
  • 2 game drives.
  • Boat ride.
  • All meals plus bottled water.
  • Pick up and drop off in Kampala.

What you should carry for your 2 days' safari:

  • Sun glasses
  • Camera gear
  • Light and heavy clothes
  • Hiking boots

NOTE: Avoid dressing in blue, white and black clothes as they may attract tsetse flies.

2 Days Murchison falls safari trip Uganda

2 Days Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari - Games drives, Nile River Launch Cruise

3 days murchison falls safari takes you to Murchison Falls National Park to see different wildlife species

This 2 Days Murchison falls safari trip Uganda takes you to Uganda's biggest national park which Murchison Falls national park. With this safari package you will entitled to a game drive to that sights you to the Jackson's heart beasts, oribis, giraffes, lions, buffaloes, kobs, warthogs, elephants, leopards, waterbucks and many more wildlife.

Short Day Safari

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Uganda Safaris - Murchison Falls National Park

lions, Jackson's heart beasts, warthogs, elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos and many antelopes, boatride

Wake up early in the at around 5:00pm, have your breakfast and prepare for your safari

Meals are taken on time inorder to have Memorable experience tour











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2 Days Murchison falls safari trip Uganda

Excellent, wonderful and memorable adventureous trip, would recommend anyone to go for this rwanda safari package


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