Of the fact that a community is the heart of the country and nation at large. When families thrive; communities thrive. African Adventure Travellers Ltd through different community outreach projects is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, religious institutions and local organizations who believe in building strong communities.

community outreach projects - child funding in Uganda

What we do

Child Funding

We believe that the children we sponsor will be essential members to their communities who could one day become leaders who bring positive change to the country by breaking the cycle of illiteracy. To accomplish our goal, we fund children from poor families in different communities in order to build a strong, loving and knowledgeable community.

Women empowerment

When women are given the opportunity to generate income, it not only impacts their families, it impacts their country's economic standing. On that note therefore we aim to facilitating sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking that equips women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the area of education, health and economic welfare.

Funding Health Centres

With the help of the community, we provide primary and preventive medical and pharmaceutical services to different health centres in in order to provide quality and compassionate healthcare services.

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