3 Days Akagera Safari to Akagera National Park for a game drive

3 Days Akagera safari in rwanda takes you to the Akagera National Park for a game drive to see the wildlife in the park like giraffes, buffaloes, topis, elephants, zebras, a great boat ride on Lake Ihema and great views of Tanzania.

3 days akagera safari in rwanda - 3 Days Akagera National Park safari

Buffaloes in the Akagera National Park

3 Days Akagera Safari

3 days

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Of recent Rwanda welcomed 20 black rhinos to Akagera National Park, these black rhinos are of the eastern subspecies (Diceros bicornis michaeli). The reintroduction brings the eastern black rhinos (Diceros bicornis michaeli), a subspecies of the IUCN-listed critically endangered black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), back to the savannas of Akagera National Park in Rwanda and East Africa at large.

Highlights of your 3 Days Akagera safari trip in Rwanda

  • Full Day Game drive through to the Northern section of the park
  • Boat ride on Lake Ihema
  • 2 hours Game drive before embarking on the return to Kigali town.
3 days akagera safari

3 days akagera safari to the Akagera National park in rwanda for a game drive to see the wildlife in the park like, giraffes, buffalos, topis, elephants, zebras, a great boat ride on lake ihema and great views of Tanzania

Programme for the 3 Days Akagera national park safari

Day 1: Travel to Akagera National Park.

Our driver / guide shall meet up with you for a briefing of the Akagera National Park and drive. You will proceed with a 2 hour drive to the park to catch up with a morning game drive and a boat ride on Lake Ihema. Lunch, dinner and accommodation at your preffered lodge.

Day 2: Full Day Game drive in the park

You will need to be awake very early by 6:00am, get breakfast at 6:30am, grab your packed lunch and bottled water in the car, drive north of the park for an exciting day of great wildlife. Elephants, Buffaloes and Waterbucks, Topis are a must see as you drive via the famous Mutumba hill over looking the Northern section of the park where we have great concetration of wildlife.

The northern section of the park is filled with great acacia trees also comprising of the Wooden and Open savannah grasslands. After the 3 hour drive, we shall yet have a great variety of wildlife including the 11 - species of antelopes like the cape elands, roan antelopes, reebucks, oribis, common dikers, statungas, impalas among others.

Day 3: Travel Back to Kigali.

Wake up for your early morning breakfast at around 6:30am, check out and start yet another exciting game drive by exactly 7:00am. Expect to increase your game count and view lots of other fascinating features that make Akagera National Park. After the game drive we proceed to Kigali or your preferred drop-off point.

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