Buffaloes in Uganda's National Parks

The African Buffaloes are found in most of Uganda's National Parks and stay mostly in open savannah grass lands,but also like to keep in swampy areas where they flock during hot temperatures to cool off and drink some water. A fully grown Savannah elephant is normally black and dark brown as it ages and will normally weigh about 500-910 kgs with males being slightly larger than females. Calves are known to have redish hairs which later turns black as they grow.

Buffaloes in Uganda

Male buffaloes are known to split from the herd and form bachelor groups. Some of these herds will consisit of the younger bachelors of about 4-7 years where as other bachelors are of 12 years and above. But the younger bachelors will normally fight the aging males and completely chase them out of the herd.

Young males normally team up and join females for mating especially in the wet seasons and will stay with them through out to protect the born calves. The gestation period of a buffalo runs for up to 11.5 months. New born calves will be protected by the mothers for the first few weeks but will later join the herd and are always kept in the middle of the whole herd.

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