Nyungwe National Park found in the south western Part of Rwanda is about 225km from the main capital Kigali and measures 1060sqkm. The rain forest is part of the great East African Rift valley found in the Albertine Rift, a mountaneous section of East Africa that as a whole, harbors more endemic birds, mammals, and amphibians than any other region in Africa.

Canopy Walk - Nyungwe National Park

The Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest is one of the main activities and attractions in the park located at the visitor's center of the Uwinka View Point. The offices are located just about 200meters from the main road with great views of the Nyungwe forest tree Canopys.

The Uwinka Starting View point is 2500meters high above sea level and the Canopy walk will take about 2 hours to finish with a walk back to the starting area, You will walk down in the forest 204meters on a mainly wet and some times slipperly steep slope in the Hilly and Misty beautiful Nyungwe Rain Forest with the help of an expert French and English speaking guide.

There are several trails in the forest and each trail is named mainly according to what type of tree specie is found there. Example the common trail used called the Igishigishigi trail meaning the many tree ferns found on that trail and the Umuyove trail meaning the Mahogany tree trail. All the trails are wel marked with with locally made ground steps for easy movements.

The Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk has three walking sections, the first section has 45meters, second section has 90meters and the last section has 25meters. You will have great views of the forest inhabitants like the Black and white Colobous Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, L'hoest Monkeys and many more while in the forest canopy walk space.

The last section of 25meters of the Canopy Walk which also takes you back into the forest for a Nature walk is one of the most liked as it wobbles making you dance in the top of the forest with monkeys looking at you as you manouvre down to the ground.

The Canopy walk in Nyungwe forest is one activity that all African Adventure Travellers clients have enjoyed and recommended to all friends who have visited Rwanda.

All visitors are recommended to carry walking sticks, enough drinking water and good Cameras with good Zooms to capture the great moments in the Nyungwe rain forest. The Canopy Walk Departure times from the Uwinka visitor's center are: 8am, 10am, 1pm and 3pm daily.

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