Virunga National Park (Parc National Des Virunga)

Virunga National Park - Parc National Des Virunga

Virunga National Park is one of the 9,wildlife Parks found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also called the DRC. The park measures a whooping 7,800 square kilometers of land and water stretching east from the Virunga mountains towards the Rwenzori Mountains which is also covered through the western arm of Uganda overlooking the towns of kasese,fortportal and Queen Elizabeth National Park and Gisenyi town in Rwanda.

The park has a variety of adventure activities and all these can be accessed through different border posts to congo to congo from its neighbouring countries.

Gorilla tracking in the Virungas-CongoGorilla tracking in the Virunga National Park near Goma sets off from the Bukima ranger post 60km from the Goma town with a drive time of atleast 2hrs due to the rough volcanic terrain. Goma sits right on lake kivu which is also the main border crossing point east of Congo. Virunga has 8,gorillas families and we have 4,families here at Bukima having 41-members in total. Humba has 10,Rugendo 10,Nyakamwe 12 and Munyaga 9. All visitors staying at the Mikeno lodge have a chance to visit the Senkwekwe gorilla sanctuary right in the back yard of the cottages for free.The sanctuary has 4,orphaned members: Matabishi,Maisha,Ndakasi and Ndeize all of which were rescued from poachers.

Nyiragongo Mountain hikingHiking the volcanoe mountain sets off at Kibati ranger post at 10AM. You are advised to spend a night around Goma for an easy access of the departure area. Hiking gear is reccommended and further preparation and advise can be found here on our contact us page:

Chimpanzee tracking: This activity is found and done around the Mikeno lodge area and only exclusive to the lodge residents. Unlike other chimpanzee tracking aeas in the other parts of the continet with atleast 8-travelers in a group, the number of trekkers is set to 4 persons with a ranger guide. All travelers will set off from the mikeno lodge at 6AM overlooking the vast acacia trees with an eye set of the Virunga open plains.

Rwenzori Mountain hike: Hiking of the Rwenzori sets off from the Mutsora ranger post in Congo. You are dvised to spend a night in beni for easy reach of the hiking point. You may drive via kasese,mpondwe in Uganda through Kasindi Congo. You are advised to book with us in advance for better arrangement of the hiking gears.

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