Masindi Hotel is a colonial facility found in Masindi town on the way to Murchion falls National Park.

Located on Butiaba road in Masindi town opposite the Murchison Falls road. It is the oldest hotel in town built in 1923 by the Uganda Railways and Harbours which was under the East African Community. The hotel was used by the merchants from southern sudan and Northern Congo who used it as an enroute point to Butiaba port where the europeans shipped for european markets in the 20th Century.

Masindi Hotel

Masindi Hotel got so famous when Ernest Hemingway recovered there in a period of 1-week when he was involved in two plane crashes in Murchison Falls and Butiaba airstrip. Also katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart famous for their adventure film the African Queen also stayed at Masindi Hotel when filming the movie at Butibaba port.

When Uganda got independence in 1962, Masindi Hotel was taken over by Government and became part of the Uganda Hotels for almost 30 years. In 2000, Masindi Hotel got privatised and new management took over. It has two famous Restaurants Kabalaga Restaurant named after Omukama of Bunyoro (the king) and Hemingway Bar.

The Hotel is an antique with wooden floors and walls, self contained rooms and a spacious dining area that has been kept since 1923.

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