Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve-Kenya.

The Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve is found in the western part of Kenya about 280km from the main capital city of Nairobi. Mara can be reached with a 4-5hrs drive and can be accessed through 6-entry gates which include among others: Sekenani gate, Oloololo gate, Oloolaimutia gate, Talek gate, Sand River gate and Musiara gate.

Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve-Kenya

The Maasai Mara as originally called by the masai people who leave with in and out side of the wildlife rserve grazing their live stock mainly goats, sheep and cattle have leaved around the rift valley area and will guide visitors through their homesteads and have learnt how to drive and guide visitors spotting the wildlife.

The Maasai mara was first established in 1962 as a sanctuary and only stood on 520 sq km of land which was later extended in 1961 covering 1821sqkm. After some community wrangles, Narok council took over control of the reserve and part of the land was given back to some community. Today the Mara Wildlife Reserve covers an area of 1,510 sqkm

The Mara Wildlife Reserve is best known for its usual Great Wildebeest migration which cross the mara river together with the Zebras and Thomson's gazelles to the Serengeti and back through July,August and September. The migration may however start early in June and can go till October. Other widlife like the Zebras and Wildebeests that don't migrate are often called the mara residents.

Some Wildlife found in the Masai Mara Reserve.
  • Masai lions.
  • Hippos in some swamps and Mara River.
  • Crocodiles in the Mara river.
  • Cheetahs.
  • Leopards.
  • Elephants.
  • Wildebeests.
  • Zebras.
  • Warthogs - Pumbas.
  • Rhinos.
  • Bufalloes
  • Thomson's gazelles,and many more!
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