Cassia Lodge

Cassia Lodge is a luxurious Hotel consisting of 20-Ensuite rooms in the neighborhood of Lake Victoria shores. It is situated on Buziga hill in Kampala, giving you a view so beautiful, and a rare blend of earth and water. The lodge has well air conditioned and furnished rooms equipped with satellite television, a telephone connection, a bathroom and fridge bar. The rooms have a balcony with the beautiful view of Lake Victoria environment and Kampala City.

Urban by CityBlue Hotel

Urban by City Blue Hotel is located in Kampala the capital of Uganda, it's found in a good environment and away from the noise pollution which favors one to have a refreshment mind and relaxation moment which works more with Business offers.

The City blue chain of Hotels was born in Rwanda,and later opened in Uganda, Kenya and Burundi. In January 2013, it was opened in Kampala city and this was built to bring a much mid-scale international quality to a local born a cross a sub-Saharan Africa, it's a Hotel which gives you a relaxed moment and a home a away from home in Kampala. Since 2013 it has a built a reliable and passionate team of local and international individuals with a great taste of services offered.

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