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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of African great lakes which was named after Queen Elizabeth Victoria of England who was sent by reins of England, the lake is relatively young by 400,000years and was formed when westward flowing rivers were dammed by an up thrown crustal block. It's also one of the world's largest tropical lake second to superior lake in North America.

Lake Victoria has different local names (in Luganda it's called Nalubale, Nam lolwe in luo and Nyanzi in Kinyarwanda). It receives water from direct rainfall and thousand small streams about 85% inflow, one of them is Akagera River which is the largest flowing into this lake and originates from either Rwanda.

Shoebill Stork - Mabamba Island

The Mabamba Swamp is found just outside of Kampala city about 1hr:20minutes of drive time with access on Masaka or Entebbe road. Mabamba swamp is an arm of lake Victoria connecting the main fishing village of Busi Island. The swamp lies near a relatively small village of Kasanje town with a few hills sarrounding the entire swamp with fishing as the main activity catching mostly Tilapia and lungfish in the small streams of the mainly papyrus grass covered swamp.

Ssese Island Kalangala

Ssese Islands are found in Uganda with the main island of Bugala attracting many visitors because of its white sand beaches and great forestry scenary.

The Ssese Islands comprise of 84 islands all located around Lake Victoria in Uganda. The islands are found in the Kalangala District area in the southern Central part of Uganda. The Ssese islands occupy the northwestern corner of Lake Victoria also the second largest lake in the world. Most touristic activities together with government offices and Kalangala District headquarters are found on the biggest island called Bugala Island where also most tourism activities are carried out.

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