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Wildlife in Uganda, Animals, Birds, Trees, Grass etc

The Ugandan tourism and wildlife is Composed of lots of beautiful landscapes mostly in the country side with abundant flora and fauna and this is not only found in National Parks but i should say every where from all corners of the country. Whether you come into Uganda through Entebbe Airport or through the various boarders around, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Africa's Pearl - Uganda.

Elephants spotted in Murchison Falls National Park

Every one looking for a life time Holiday / Safari, business meeting in Uganda or even just sitted back at Home or in the office behind his / her computer and searches about A NEXT HOLIDAY to Africa, the search in Google will automatically land them to Uganda Holidays and its various safari destinations which will take you time and days to tour,but every one after leaving Uganda through Entebbe - Airport or continuing to other destinations through Malaba, Katuna, Kyanika, Mutukula, boarders, etc - will say to African Adventure Travellers' driver/guides that,"Hey - thanks for the wonderful trip, i will come back next time".

Every one coming to Uganda has a special interest in what they realy want to see. One Canadian lady asked our driver to make sure he finds an elephant, like Quoted others have always asked to see lots of different wildlife in the parks. Remember some of our animals are just on the roads to most of these destinations. Lots of birds' species, vervet monkeys, Baboons etc so before you enter your desired park, you will have seen lots of fun-filled wildlife for your memorable tour to Uganda.

The fact is that today, Ugandan wildlife is slowly gaining a come back after a record number of years with the Political Instability right after independence which actually saw lots of decrease in the wildlife mainly due to poaching in it's National Parks.when Uganda got independence in 1962 from the British, many say including my self (Robert) that Uganda was still young to gain political status. I think there was lack of sensitisation throughout Uganda and among Ugandans, immediately power struggle errupted especially among the Top officials with the prime minister and the president. I think the president who was the former king (Kabaka) of Buganda never believed in his prime minister, he always thought of him being his junior as was always in the Kingdom forgetting Uganda after independence was following the British system of governance where the Prime minister was the head of state and the president just being ceremonial. This meant that the famous kabaka had no power politically in his country which i also think was a big mistake for the Kabaka to accept or enter into Politics.

In short all this power struggle resulted into a civil war till the 1986, seeing several governments in power since then, this mean't that the big National Parks like Murchison Falls suffered alot of poaching and migration of animals into Sudan and Kenya from Kidepo National Park. Animals like the Rhinoceros from Murchison falls were poached to zero.

Today the political Climate is now favourable for most wildlife to stay in Uganda with tougher laws to the law braekers especially poachers. Uganda today has lots of animals in it's game parks with most numbers trippling.we have lots lions, hippos, elephants, waterbucks, jackson's hertbeasts, warthogs, giraffes, hyenas, buffaloes, leopards, cheatahs and lots more. Among birds we have Flamingos, shoebills, Hammerkops etc

So today African Adventure Travellers welcomes you to Visit Uganda with plenty awaiting for you to see.

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