Group or Family Tours, Group Adventure Holiday Tours in Africa

Group or family safari holiday tours offer an excellent opportunity for families or larger groups to embark on an adventure together and create lifelong memories. These tours cater to the needs and interests of all family members, ensuring a fun and enriching experience for everyone.


Share the experience of a lifetime with others on a group safari


Group or family safari tours prioritize safety and security. Our travel consultants select destinations and activities that are suitable for families and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to keep everyone safe during the safari experience.

Key highlights for group or family safari tours

Flexibility in Itineraries: Group or family tours can be tailored to accommodate the needs and interests of all participants. They provide flexibility in terms of activity choices, duration of stay, and pace of the safari. This ensures that each family member, regardless of age, enjoys the experience.

Child-Friendly Activities: Family safari tours include activities that engage and entertain children of different ages. This can involve game drives with knowledgeable guides who provide child-friendly commentary, guided nature walks, learning sessions about wildlife, and cultural interactions suitable for all family members.

Bonding and Shared Experiences: Group or family safaris allow for quality bonding time and shared experiences. Observing wildlife together, participating in group activities, and enjoying meals under the stars create lasting memories and strengthen family connections.

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When planning a group or family safari tour, it is essential to communicate your group's specific needs and preferences to our travel consultants. This will help them design an itinerary that caters to the age ranges, interests, and requirements of all the group or family members, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable safari adventure for everyone involved.

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